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the Blue Hat


I wore this blue hat, boyfriend jeans, and a white graphic tee to hang out with my awesome friend Amber. We swung by a Pop-up Shop and then captured these shots for the blog.

Sidenote-There is nothing like getting some good photos! I am literally smiling from ear to ear as I write this post just because I love how these came out. I usually take my style photos on my own with a tripod, running…

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Women in the News- Grace Choi of Mink

Women in the News- Grace Choi of Mink

Can you imagine making your own make-up and saving that $50 dollars you spend ever so often? Well that’s what entrepreneur Grace Choi wants to make a reality for all women. Her product, Mink, will allow you to create your make-up at home. All you will need is: a printer, vegetable based ink, white/un-dyed make-up base (powder, lipstick, creams,foundation), containers, and tools. Just listing this…

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Altuzarra for Target-How I Saved Money

Altuzarra for Target-How I Saved Money

I have shopped almost every designer for target collection. The marketing build up is perfectly executed and the pieces are awesome. The designs are unique, fun, and SOON TO BE OUT OF STYLE. Considering that this month is all about budgeting I figured the Altuzarra for Target collection would be a good one to chime in on.


I got smart this time around and slept in rather than going up to Target…

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Social Networking!

I finally got around to getting Effortless Composition on all the major social networking sites so you can stay connected! If Facebook is your thing, theirs a page for that. If twitter or pintrest is your thing, theirs pages for that too! Lastly, if instagram is your thing you can follow my personal page!

Lets Stay Connected! I will be posting DAILY career and fashion tips on twitter in the…

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Ballin’ on a Budget

Ballin’ on a Budget

I’ll be writing about everything budget related this month and I am super excited to share. To start, I will give a quick guide on how to set-up and maintain your budget.

New post

Why Have a Budget

I created a budget to keep track of my funds. I like to shop, a lot, and this is a bad habit when you also want to save for a house, car, or whatever. I needed something I could visually see that captured the…

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a Belt and a Dress

a Belt and a Dress


Happy Monday Ladies! I hope you all enjoyed your weekend and  kept up with me via instagram (follow me HERE).  My best friend had her quarter century birthday brunch and I always enjoy myself when I am around this particular group of people, pure happiness! For my look, I opted for a grudge chic look by pairing a belt and a dress.



*Get a similar look with links below *


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