Effortless Composition

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Casual Layering


For work this Tuesday I took a pass at casual layering with my coveted jumpsuit (wore here ) and this really fun tank. Sadly enough, when I got ready to take photos my camera battery was pretty much dead so i had to quickly get what I could get.




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Own How Your Known- ‘the Work Brand’

Own How Your Known- ‘the Work Brand’

I’m the nice girl who is always smiling, does SOX work, and usually wearing something interesting. This is how I’m known at my current company and even in my earlier company. I’ve come to this conclusion by just aggregating what people know me as and these were always mentioned. Now if you ask my boss he would say the smart girl, the hard worker who he can always depend on to get the job done.…

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A Day in Monterey

A Day in Monterey


 ‘Carmel State Beach’

Over the weekend I took a solo day trip to Monterey Country where I beach hopped until the sunset. I captured a few photos of the great scenery. It was truly a magical moment for me, as I caught up on my clarity, travel itch (revisit topic HERE), and motivation. I think as young women its important for us to recognize when we need a quick getaway to get back on track, it…

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